About Us

Hail and Welcome patron

To A.I. Fest the hearth and home of Geek culture the place where geeks gather in the South of Johannesburg. Here you will find the heart and soul of A.I. Fest laid bare. We host weekly Trading Card Game (TCG) tournaments at our venue in Mulbarton.

Our Tournaments are just as varied as the souls that wander in to our realm, hosted Friday evenings and Saturdays.


It’s time to duel and get your game on. Whether you looking to become the king of games or just compete in friendly casual rivalries, you will find no better place in the south than us.


If it is fast and dirty alleyway spell slinging matches or great Trials and Conquests you are looking for let A.I. Fest be your proving ground. Master the art of magic combat and become the greatest Planeswalker the world has ever known.


A.I. Fest is the gateway to The Crucible a place that calls for Archons young and old to compete against each other to forge their path to greatness.


We have not forgotten that there still are masters out there looking to become the very best. Our stadiums are always looking to welcome players old and new to their fields for friendly contests of skill or grand tournaments to crown a new champion.


We also on the rare occasion decide to host a LAN where you can jack in to share information, create memories, or destroy each other on digital fields of battle. Although these are rare we do post messages for all to see who wish to join our cyber revelry.


Fear not for your hunger shall be sated we offer a variety of snacks and coldrinks as well as food from the kitchen prepared as needed with love to fuel our warriors for the battles ahead.


Of course you are! Do not be afraid A.I. Fest welcomes all, friendly staff and players are always willing to help you in any TCG you wish to join. We also are fully stocked and equipped with all the TCG products and accessories to get you started and grow your collection.

Any online orders made from A.I. Fest can be conveniently picked up from the store itself when you come to game or during work hours Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 and Saturdays from 09:00-18:00.

Don’t hesitate to join geek culture come to the place where geeks gather and become the hero of your new journey.

For any questions, queries, arbitrary thoughts about A.I. Fest events please email: info@ai-fest.co.za